5 Steps to Getting Started

This quick-start guide will help you learn the basics of this community. 



We’ve used your information from our member database to complete the basic parts of your profile, but now it's time to complete your profile with education, job history, interests, and more. This helps other members find you and get conversations started. 

And don’t forget to upload your smiling photo! This really adds to the community and helps others get to know you (and it makes it easier to find you when you're at in-person events!).

Update Your Profile



Ready to take a look around? Everyone is automatically a part of our Open Forum but we have much more to offer. Go to Communities > All Communities to see all the possible communities available for you to join.

Once you’ve looked around, be sure to subscribe to any of the communities that interest you by clicking on the Join button. You’ll be prompted to specify how you want your messages from the community’s discussion group to be delivered to you (as-it-happens, daily, or no emails).

TIP: If you don’t see a “Join” button on a community, you either already belong or the community is private.
View Communities


One of the best ways to get connected is by participating in conversations! All communities feature integrated online discussion boards that allow you to engage with fellow members. 

Want to browse all discussions? Two options:
1. Go to Browse > Discussion Posts to see the discussions in all communities that are visible to you (not just the ones you are in).
2. Navigate into a community, then click Discussion to see the latest conversations.

Want to start a new discussion? 
Navigate into a community, then click Discussion > Post New Message. 

TIP: In any discussion, you can also add attachments, tag other members, or format the text.

Browse Discussions


You can look for other members by name, company, or email address by using the Directory.

Once you’ve found the people you’re looking for you can view profiles, send messages or add them as contact directly from the search results page.

Access Member Directory 


When you’re in need of resources, documents, templates, and more, search in the Resource Libraries. Your peers may have already shared exactly what you’re looking for. 

Return the favor by uploading documents of your own, either directly to a community library or by including them in an attachment to your post. They all end up in the same place.

TIP: Like what you found? Take the time to rate and/or comment on the document to help others in the future.

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